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How the walls of Jericho and Orthanc fell

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The story of the fall of the walls of Orthanc was narrated by Pippin:

I thought that they had been really roused before; but I was wrong.  I saw what it was like at last.  it was staggering.  They roared and boomed and trumpeted, until stones began to crack and fall at the mere noise of them.  Merry and I lay on the ground and stuffed our cloaks into our ears.  Round and round the rock of Orthanc the Ents went striding and storming like a howling gale, breaking pillars, hurling avalanches of boulders down the shafts, tossip up huge slabs of stone into the air like leaves.  The tower was in the middle of a spinning whirlwind. (Two Towers p. 190)

This story recalls the fall of the walls of Jericho.  The Lord said to Joshua:

I have delivered Jericho and its king into your power. Have all the soldiers circle the city, marching once around it. Do this for six days, with seven priests carrying ram’s horns ahead of the ark. On the seventh day march around the city seven times, and have the priests blow the horns. When they give a long blast on the ram’s horns and you hear that signal, all the people shall shout aloud. The wall of the city will collapse, and they will be able to make a frontal attack. (Jsh 6:2-5)


Written by Quirino M. Sugon Jr

February 8, 2010 at 9:11 am